On our platform, developers can:

  • Review the status of all projects
  • Collect draw documents via an easy upload link
  • Enjoy automatic classification of documents and extraction of document details (like vendor details, invoice amount, invoice number, etc.)
  • View invoices, inspection reports, and other draw documents
  • Receive notifications on project updates
  • Track sources of funds
  • Eliminate manual processes

The software is super simple to use and works on whatever device you prefer: your phone, your tablet, or your computer.

Let’s go through the basic steps of the activities that you can perform after setting up your account.

Review the Status of Projects

After logging in, you will be taken to your dashboard, which shows a summary of pending draws across all projects, total active loans, and the total amount of commitments in U.S. dollars. You'll also see a list of action items that may need your attention.

Click on the “Projects” tab at the top right corner of the page to be taken to a full list of your projects.


Each project has its own summary page, which includes details such as percent completed, the budget summary, and draw history. You can access these details by clicking on the project that you want to view.

View Draws, Invoices, and Inspections

Stay on top of work for all of your projects... in one place. The Project Uploads page houses all documents collected for that project, from the draw cover sheet to vendor lien waivers and invoices, all organized by draw.

Receive Notifications on Projects 

When any information is processed regarding your projects, an email will be sent to you with details, including document uploads from contractors and vendors.

Track Sources of Funds 

Keep track of equity and loan sources via the Project overview page. Here you will find progress bars that provide you with the percent remaining for your loan sources.

Eliminate Manual Processes

Through machine learning, each draw gets more and more accurate with automatic document classification and data extraction, eliminating the need for manual data entry of document details.

We are always here to help! Call us at 1-833-474-6759 or email us at help@rabbet.com with any questions or feedback. Thank you for using Rabbet!

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