After the developer or GC has submitted their draw package, follow these instructions to review the details.

*Note: If the draw submitter is a Rabbet user, the lender should be able to skip steps 4 and 5 below since that is a part of the submitter's review process prior to sending to the lender.

1. Login and click on 'Projects' in the navigation menu at the top of the page.

2. From the Projects page, select the project that you want to work on.

3. Scroll to the bottom of the project overview page to the ‘Draw history’ section and click on the draw that you want to review.

Using the various draw tabs, review the documents that were submitted, the automatic and manual checks in place, and any flags that require your attention.

4. Start with the Draw > Documents tab. If you notice potential issue flags here  (yellow circles with exclamation points inside), the system is telling you that some documents need your attention. 

Click anywhere on each document line (EXCEPT the blue links with the page number and pdf file name, as that will just download your file) and review the vendor and invoice details. 

5. For each document, make any corrections needed and click 'Submit'.

*Note: With each draw, our machine gets smarter and smarter, requiring less and less review by you of the extracted information.

When you are done reviewing the uploaded documents, you should only see green circles with checkmarks in the Status column.

6. Next, go to the Draw > Overview page to check for any potential issue flags there. Click on any line items with red flags to view a slide out box with details.

7. Investigate the potential issue by clicking into the documents tied to this line item. Scroll to the bottom of the slide out box to see notes from other reviewers and to add your own notes.

8. For a different view of the draw details, you can go to the 'Hard costs' and 'Soft costs' tabs. Here you will see an overview of just those types of costs, including the amount requested for each line item and supporting documents.

9. Lastly, go to the Draw > Reviews tab. Here you will find all of the automatic and manual rules that were turned on during project creation. An automatic rule that didn't pass will have an x inside a red circle next to it. A passing rule will have a checkmark inside a green circle next to it.

When you are done reviewing all of the draw documents and potential issues flags, and after you have addressed any real issues, it is time to approve the draw.

Do you have questions or need a walkthrough of the draw documents review process? Give us a call at 1-833-474-6759 or email us at

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