This page is relevant if you are the organization Administrator, or your organization's Administrator has enabled you to access the user management functionality.

Add a team member from your organization to Rabbet 

1. Navigate to the 'Admin' page.

2. On the 'Admin' page, click on 'New User'

3.  Enter the new user's details and set the permissions accordingly. A permission that is toggled to the right and displays a blue-filled bubble indicates the permission is ON.

Click 'Submit' to add the user to your organization's Rabbet account. 

*Note that clicking 'Click here for more information...' directs you to this help page.

Descriptions of User Permissions

  • Manage Users: allows the user access to: 1) edit other users' details in the organization; 2) manage other users' permissions; 3) delete users
  • Create Projects: allows the user to create new projects inside the user's organization.
  • View All Projects: allows the user to view all projects inside the user's organization. If this permission is disabled, the user will only be able to view projects where he or she is a reviewer.
  • Run Reports: allows the user access to customize and build Reports in Rabbet.
  • Create Draws: allows the user access to create a draw inside a Project.
  • Upload Documents: allows the user to upload files to a Project or a Draw. 
  • View Documents: allows the user access to open, view and download documents associated with a Project or Draw. It is suggested that any user tagged as a Reviewer for a draw have this permission enabled. This permission must be enabled for a user to be able to Edit Extracted Document Information (see next permission).
  • Edit Extracted Document Information: allows the user to edit the information Rabbet extracts during document upload (i.e. assigning amounts to budget line items from an invoice or pay application).
  • Edit Amount Requested: allows the user to edit the amount requested within a line item even if the revised value differs from the value assigned from the supporting documentation.
  • Save/Manage Table Views: allows the user to manage portfolio and project table views that have been created by all users within your organization. 

Manage user accounts for your organization

1. The 'Admin' page will display a list of users in your organization. Click on a user to reveal the slide out panel that outlines that user's permissions. 

2. In the slide out, you can:

  • Edit user details (name and email)
  • Manage access and action permissions
  • Delete a user *note that this is a permanent action

Click 'Submit' to save the changes to the user.

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