Retainage in a construction project isn't always as straight forward as 10% across all hard costs, so Rabbet has features to enable greater flexibility when tracking and managing retainage throughout the life of a project.

Setting-Up Retainage

1. After creating a project and setting up the project's first draw in Rabbet, you should set the expected retainage for each budget line item. 

Inside the initial draw, click to the 'Overview' tab

2. Open the section in which line items withholding retainage are held. Click the first line item which you expect to withhold retainage. The slide-out panel for the line item will display.

3. Click 'Edit Amount' to display the Retainage modal

4. Input the expected retainage percentage to be withheld for the line item (i.e. if 10% retainage is expected in this line item, enter '10')

5. Repeat steps 2-4 for each line item expected to carry retainage.

Applying Actual Retainage to Documents in a Draw

*Note: These steps are required throughout each draw packaging process

1. Once you have set the expected retainage for line items and have uploaded relevant documents for a draw, click the 'Documents' tab and open the document containing amounts requiring retainage to be withheld

2. The retainage field will initially display as zero until you have applied the expected retainage percentage or alternative amount to the line item. Click the value in the 'Retainage' column.

3. The expected retainage percentage will auto-populate the actual retainage field. Click 'Submit' to accept the calculation and apply to the document line item or adjust the 'Retainage Withheld' field to adjust to a custom amount.

*Note: if you adjust the actual retainage withheld this does not affect the automated calculation in future draws

4. Once you have applied retainage to all applicable lines in the document, click 'Submit' at the bottom of the document preview screen

5. Repeat steps 2-4 for each document containing line items withholding retainage.

6. The applied retainage information is now displayed in the line item slide out window from the Overview and Hard costs tabs.

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