1. Navigate to the 'Project Settings' tab within a project.

2. Open the 'Funding Sources' drop down section. Click here for information on adding the project Funding Sources & Uses. 

Toggle ON the 'Set uses of funds' button.

*Note that it is best practice to have both 'Auto allocate funds on draw' and 'Set uses of funds' toggled ON

3. The project's budget divisions and line items will now display below the funding sources. Rabbet defaults to all Funding Sources available for all line items. To restrict a funding source from applying to a particular line item or division, uncheck that item.

In the example below, the Building Loan cannot be used to fund soft costs within the draw. This is a division-level restriction.

4. To control uses of funds at the line item level, expand the division by clicking on the division name. Uncheck the line item to which that funding source cannot be applied.

In the example below, the Investor Equity cannot be used to fund the Interest Reserves line item (which appears in the Fees and Interest division). 

5. Click 'Save Changes' to move forward. The Uses of Funds configuration that you have created will now be applied to each draw. 

*Note that manual edits can still be made to the draw funding within the draw if this configuration doesn't quite fit the needs of a particular draw. Click here for more information about managing funding sources and uses in a draw.

Do you want even more efficiency when handling draw funding? Click here to learn more about Rabbet's Auto Allocate Funds feature.

Do you have questions or feedback? Please email us at help@rabbet.com

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