Navigate to the 'Project Settings' tab within the project

Open the 'Funding Sources' drop down section. Click here for information on adding the project's Funding Sources & Uses

Toggle ON the 'Auto allocate funds on draw'.

When the 'Auto allocate funds on draw' feature is activated, Rabbet adds an 'Order' menu for each funding source.

Click on the 'Order' drop down menu to set the funding rules that will automate the allocation within each draw:

  • Move To: choose the ordering in which sources, relative to each other, will fund draws throughout the project.
  • Pari Passu With: choose this option if multiple sources are to be applied at the same time and proportionally to the total remaining amount of those funding sources. There is no maximum amount of funding sources that can be Pari Passu.
  • Delete Funding Source: delete a previously created funding source.

To separate multiple funding sources that have previously been grouped as Pari Passu With, select 'Split Group' in the drop down menu.

*Note that selecting 'Delete Group' completely removes all of the funding sources within the group

Click 'Save Changes' to move forward.

*Note that manual edits can still be made to the draw funding within the draw if these automatic rules don't quite fit the need for the given draw

Are your funding sources restricted to certain uses or line items? Click here to learn how to configure Rabbet's Uses of Funds feature.

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