If this is your first time uploading a particular budget format, reach out to your Account Manager or help@rabbet.com to ensure the system is calibrated for your upload. We are happy to provide you with an industry best practice budget template or to work to understand your specific needs.

1. After logging into Rabbet, click on the project from the Portfolio landing page. 

2. Click on 'Upload Budget'

3. You will be redirected to the 'Documents' tab. Either i) drag and drop the project budget into the upload area or ii) click inside the uploads box to open your file explorer and select the project budget file to be uploaded.

4. A white checkmark inside a green circle will appear when the document has been uploaded.

5. Navigate to the 'Overview' tab within the project to display the budget summary details Rabbet has extracted from the budget file.

*View before Draw 1

6. With each draw, the project 'Overview' page will update in accordance with the progress of the project. The dashboard will display details such as total percent completed, equity contributed, loan dispersed and percent remaining of each budget line item.

*View after Draw 1

*Note that if the budget changes after your initial upload, simply upload the new budget and it will override the original. Additional material on adjustments and reallocations in Rabbet can be found here

Do you have questions or feedback? Please email us at help@rabbet.com

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