1. On the project 'Overview' tab, click 'Project Settings'.

2. Expand the 'Funding Sources' drop down menu. Click on 'Add Funding Source'.

*If you have not already uploaded a Project Budget to the project, you will be prompted to do so.

3. Add funding source information in the blank fields. 

Name: A unique identifier to track the funding source throughout the life of project.
Organization: Source of the funds. For new organizations, see step 4.
Amount: $ amount of the funding source
Type: Debt or Equity

4. When adding a new organization as a funding source, Rabbet will prompt you to add organization details. Input the organization's email address and phone number. Click 'Create'.

5. To help you correctly set up your project's funding sources, Rabbet will display a highlighted Over/Under amount until the funding source amounts total to the project budget amount. 

*This error must be cleared before clicking 'Submit' and creating the sources. 

6. To remove a funding source, click the 'Delete' button above the funding source you wish to delete.

7. Once you have entered the relevant funding source information, click 'Submit'.

For more complex financing structures, click the links below to learn how to configure Rabbet's Auto-Allocate and Uses of Funds features. 

Do you have questions or feedback? Please email us at help@rabbet.com

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