*Note that you must have already
created the draw AND
uploaded documents directly to the draw OR
assigned documents from a project to a draw

1. After selecting the project and landing on the 'Overview' tab, open the applicable draw.

2. Navigate to the 'Documents' tab within the project draw. If there is an issue flag in the document status column (orange circles with exclamation points inside), Rabbet is telling you that the document needs your attention. 

3. Click anywhere on each document line (note that clicking on the blue number in 'Pages' column opens the original document in a separate browser tab/window) and review the document details. 

4. For each draw document, make any corrections needed. Click 'Submit' or 'Submit and Next' (to move to the next document for review).

In the event that the Rabbet document parser classified a document incorrectly. The document 'Type' can be edited from this modal. Click on the current document type name.

Update the document 'Type'.

If the 'Vendor Name' is not in the drop down menu, this means that you need to create a vendor. Simply click the blue (+) next to this menu to add the vendor name on the 'Create New Organization' modal. 

*Note that with each draw, Rabbet gets smarter and smarter, requiring less and less review of the extracted information.

5. When you are done reviewing the uploaded documents, all documents will have green circles with checkmarks in the 'Status' column.

*note that the icon in the 'Backup' column is indicating that the document is not directly impacting the dollar amounts on the budget. I.E. lien waivers or backup to support an invoice.

6. Prior to sending or approving the draw, review the results of the automated and manual rules check.

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