The draw has been created, all draw documents have been uploaded and assigned, all rules have been reviewed, and the draw has been approved. It's time to send the draw package to various stakeholders.

1. A final review should be done on the draw 'Reviews' tab for a final check of the automatic and manual rules. When you are ready, click the 'Send Draw' button.

2. Within the 'Send Draw' modal, add any summary notes. These notes appear in the body of the Rabbet generated email. Click 'Next'.

3. Select the documents that should be included in the draw request. Click 'Next'.

4. Select the Stakeholders to whom the draw should be sent. Click 'Next'.

5. Review the draw email preview. Once satisfied with the final draw request, click 'Send'.

You will also get a copy of the Draw Submission in your email inbox. The recipients of the email have an option to download draw package or log into Rabbet to view the draw package interactively. 

Resend a draw with updates or send to new recipients

1. To review the list of recipients of a previously submitted draw, navigate to the 'Reviews' tab within the draw.

2. If changes are made to a draw that has been previously submitted, you will receive a warning message prior to saving the changes (this warning is only shown once).

3. Once the changes have been completed and the draw is ready for re-submission, click 'Send Draw' to begin the flow outlined above. 

4. Be sure that any prior recipients to whom the updated draw should be sent are checked in the Stakeholders selection step. Also add any new Stakeholders to whom the draw should be sent.

5. The draw email preview now includes 'update' language for the stakeholder recipient. Click 'Send'.

Change the Draw Summary Format

Rabbet provides two options for the draw summary format that can be downloaded by non-Rabbet users:

1. Default - this is an industry standard budget and draw format used by most users. 

2. JP Morgan - this format is made available given its significant industry use.

Navigate to the 'Project Settings' tab to change the 'Draw Summary Template' that is received by the recipients of your draw package.

*Note that changing this format also changes the 'Draw Summary Template' that you can download from your organization's Rabbet account.

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