Refer to Create Project Funding Sources article to setup the funding sources and uses for the project.

  1. Navigate to the 'Funding Sources' tab within a Draw.

*Note that there must be a Current Amount Requested before Funding Sources can be accurately calculated or completed. In other words, completing the funding sources and uses page generally occurs after the draw amounts for each line item have been entered.  

2. The 'Funding Sources' tab will outline the 'Requested' amount for the draw. Input values for the applicable project funding sources to reduce the 'Difference' to $0. If you are expecting these values to automatically calculate, see item 3 below.

3. For Rabbet to Auto-Allocate the draw funding sources this feature must be enabled in the 'Project Settings'. 

4. Rabbet is able break down draw funding by line item if Uses of Funds has been enabled in the 'Project Settings'. Toggling ON the 'Auto allocate funds' button calculates the draw funding by line item based on the criteria specified in the 'Project Settings'. Notice the Line Item detail below:

5. You can override any of the auto allocate values by typing a new value in the field. This manual change to the funding source for any line item will toggle OFF the 'Auto allocate funds' button and you will need to Save Changes to confirm this is an intended change.  

*Toggling the 'Auto allocate funds' button back ON will overwrite any manual edits made.

6. If a funding source has been restricted from funding a particular line item or division in the 'Uses of funds' feature in 'Project Settings', you will not be able to edit the corresponding field.

In this example, the project has been setup so that the 'Building Loan' cannot be used to fund 'Soft Costs'. Notice that the 'Soft Costs' fields have been grayed out.  

7. Click 'Save Changes' before navigating to a different tab.

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