Rabbet has a lot of robust functionality, so sometimes it is best to see the basics at a high level. Below is a guide to submitting a draw, with links to other more in-depth articles on additional features. 

The seven basic stops you will make before pressing send are: 

  1. Create a Draw
  2. Add Documents to a Draw
  3. Review Draw Documents After Upload
  4. Reallocate Funds in the Budget
  5. Review Draw Rules
  6. Manage Funding Sources and Uses in a Draw
  7. Submit a Draw

1. Create a Draw. After selecting the project and landing on the 'Overview' tab, click on 'New Draw'.

2. Add Document to a Draw. From any tab within the draw, click on the 'Add Documents' button.

3. Review Draw Documents After Upload. Click anywhere on each document line (note the clicking on the blue number in 'Pages' column opens the original document in a separate browser tab) and review the document details. 

For each draw document, make any corrections needed. Click 'Submit' or 'Submit and Next' (to move to the next document for review).

4. Reallocate Funds in the Budget. Click anywhere on the line item to open the line that is being adjusted. 

In the slide out, click 'Transfer Funds'.

5. Review Draw Rules. If the content of a draw package meets the Project's Rules, the status will display as 'Complete'. If draw content does not yet pass the Rule, the status will display as 'Pending'

6. Manage Funding Sources and Uses in a Draw. The 'Funding Sources' page will outline the 'Requested' amount for the draw. Input values for the applicable project funding sources to reduce the 'Difference' to $0. 

7. Submit a Draw. A final review should be done on the draw 'Reviews' tab for a last check of the automatic and manual rules. When you are ready, click on the 'Send Draw' button.

Do you have questions or feedback? Please email us at help@rabbet.com

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