This article is intended for organizations that are configured to upload multiple PDF files that contain one invoice or pay app each. To confirm that this is your configuration, navigate to the 'Documents' tab within a draw. Your Rabbet account should NOT have the 'Upload Confirmed: true' filter activated by default.

If this default filter appears in your account, check out this article.

Uploading the PDF files

From any tab within the draw, click on the 'Add Documents' button

Click on 'Select Files...' to open your computer's document finder, or simply drag and drop your PDF files onto the upload pad. 

By default, Rabbet's machine learning document classification and reading functionality will automatically extract data from the uploaded document.

After clicking 'Upload', you will see a status bar in the bottom right area of the window indicating Rabbet's progress.

When the documents have finished parsing, they will appear in the 'Documents' tab. If there is a warning in the document status column (orange circles with exclamation points inside), Rabbet is indicating that the document needs attention. 

Click anywhere on each document line to review the document details. 

Review the extracted information, and make any corrections needed. If the 'Vendor' was not automatically assigned by the Rabbet document reader, select the applicable vendor in the drop down or 'Add New Vendor'. 

Add comments, if necessary, to alert other Rabbet users in your organization of important notes. Click 'Save Changes'.

*If you are uploading a single PDF file with multiple invoices and/or pay apps that need to be split apart, see additional instructions at the bottom of this article. 

Navigate between documents using the menu on the left side of the document assignment modal. Documents that have outstanding warnings are shaded in yellow. The document you are currently viewing has a black or yellow bar on the left side. 

When you are done reviewing the uploaded documents, all documents will have green circles with checkmarks in the 'Status' column.

*Note that an icon in the 'Backup' column is indicating that the document is not directly impacting the dollar amounts on the budget line items, i.e. lien waivers or backup to support an invoice.

Split a PDF file with multiple invoices that must be documented separately

Click anywhere on the document line to open the document that needs to be split. Within the document assignment modal, click on 'View Original Upload'. 

Rabbet will open a different modal that allows you to dictate the page groupings within the original PDF file and assign the document type to those groupings. The default page grouping is all pages. Enter the first grouping and assign the 'Document Type'.

As page groupings are input, Rabbet automatically populates the remaining pages as a new, unassigned group. Continue this process by scrolling through the document in the viewer and adjusting the Pages and Document Types as necessary. 

Click 'Save Changes'.

*Note that Rabbet may identify the vendor if that vendor appears on prior draws. If the vendor was NOT identified, you will have the chance during a later step to assign the vendor or create a new vendor organization.

Rabbet will now perform its machine learning document extraction a second time based on your updates. Ensure that the box 'extract document info on confirm...' is checked and click 'Confirm'.

The split documents will then appear on the 'Documents' tab based on the assigned groupings. See instructions above for reviewing the extracted document information and resolving the warnings in the status column.

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