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Processing Holdbacks on Requested Amounts
Processing Holdbacks on Requested Amounts
This article is relevant if you have either custom reporting and/or accounts payable integrations toggled on within Rabbet.
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There are two steps necessary to process a holdback in Rabbet:

  1. Once the inspector's percent complete has been entered into Rabbet you will be able to generate a report that will outline the line item(s) and amount(s) that potentially require holdbacks. *at this point in time we recommend documenting a comment on this line item as a record since this will likely be revisited in the future

  2. Once the decision has been made to process the holdback of funds you will do so by adding an offsetting negative line item split to the specific Pay Application or Invoice that you are holding back funds for as seen below:

A few final notes to be aware of:

  1. If retainage needs to be adjusted as well, you can input that here as well to reduce the retention this period.

  2. It is best to make a note in the comments section of this document to help add context and documentation that a holdback has occurred.

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