Once all documents in your draw have been reviewed and assigned properly to the budget line items, and you are ready to finalize the draw, the last step is to post invoice payments to your accounts payable system.

Navigate to the Payments tab within your current draw to view your payable documents:

Note that the Payment functionality is gated by a user-level permission setting. If you do not see this tab, contact your local admin for permission.

Verify the correct Vendor Payment Type has been auto-classified by Rabbet for each vendor from the drop down menu (explanations below):

  • Primary Pay Application (Mail to GC) - the primary pay application document from the General Contractor will be auto-classified as such under payment type by default

  • Direct Pay (Soft Costs) - documents containing soft cost line items will be auto-classified as such under payment type by default

  • Subcontractor Direct Pay - Subtract from Primary Pay Application - documents for subcontractors will have this setting by default unless manually changed

  • Subcontractor Direct Pay - Subtract from Primary Pay Application (Mail to GC) - documents for subcontractors that have been set as this payment type in previous draws will default as such unless changed

  • Do Not Pay Directly - documents with this payment type will not receive any payment directly from Accounts Payable

It is important to understand how each Vendor Payment Type will affect the 'Payment Due' and 'To Be Posted' columns.

  • The General Contractor pay application/invoice that serves as the main documentation for hard costs should have the 'Primary Pay Application' type selected

  • All soft costs (and any other costs) receiving direct payment to the vendor should have 'Direct Pay (Soft Costs)' selected. Amounts with this payment type will not be subtracted from any other document

  • All subcontractor pay applications/invoices that are included as backup for the General Contractor's primary pay application (ie. marked as 'Do not apply to draw') should be set as 'Subcontractor Direct Pay'. Note that the 'Mail to GC' designation only affects the physical mailing address of the subcontractor payment.

  • Subcontractor pay applications/invoices receiving 'Direct Pay' will automatically have their 'Payment Due' and amounts 'To Be Posted' subtracted from the 'Payment Due' and amount 'To Be Posted' from the primary pay application.

  • Any document set as 'Do Not Pay Directly' will show $0.00 under 'Payment Due' and 'To Be Posted' and will not be posted in the accounts payable system.

Once you've verified that each document to be posted to accounts payable has the correct vendor payment type for that document and vendor, ensure that the correct Extension number for the particular draw has been filled in on the Draw Assessment (under the Reviews tab) before posting payment.

Once you've entered an Extension for this draw and all documents and Vendor Payment Types have been verified, click 'Post' to push this information to your accounts payable system. Note that whatever is listed under the 'To Be Posted' column will automatically move over to the 'Posted' column once the 'Post' button is clicked, and this action will send whatever is 'Posted' to the accounts payable system.

If any changes or edits need to be made after posting payments, this must be performed in the accounts payable system or you can delete the entire batch of payments and Post again from Rabbet.

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