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Introducing Rabbet Vantage - our new AI-powered question answering service that helps you make better, more informed decisions with ease. Rabbet Vantage allows you to get quick answers to your construction project questions by simply asking in natural language. Rabbet Vantage is currently in closed beta and has limited capabilities. Interested real estate developers and construction lenders can learn more and join the waitlist today.

Participants in the beta test can access Rabbet Vantage by clicking on the light bulb icon located in the header bar. Then type your question in the message box on the chatbot interface. Rabbet Vantage will generate a response and provide an answer based on the context you provided in your question.

What Rabbet Vantage can do in beta

During the beta period, Rabbet Vantage is able to answer natural language questions related to:

  • Project loan maturity dates

  • Project contingency amounts

  • Project completion percentages

  • Project near completion status

  • Document approval status

  • Lien release status

  • Insurance certificate expiration dates

  • Project budget overages

  • Remaining budget amounts for specific line items

  • Pending project draws

  • Projects lacking recent draws

  • Draw statuses (submitted, funded, etc.)

  • Draw approvers

Sample questions:

  • What is the loan maturity date for the ____________ project?

  • How much contingency is left in the ____________ project budget?

  • Which projects have less than 5% left to complete?

What Rabbet Vantage can't do yet

While Rabbet Vantage understands questions similar to the examples above, its capabilities are narrow during the beta period. Here are some things it can't handle yet:

  • Questions about projects not in the Rabbet system

  • Complex questions spanning multiple queries

  • Subjective questions or summaries

  • Questions relying on context not stated explicitly

As the beta progresses, we'll continue expanding Rabbet Vantage's capabilities.

How to use Rabbet Vantage effectively

To get the most out of Rabbet Vantage during the beta:

  • Ask short, direct questions similar to the examples provided

  • Be as specific as possible - include project names, budget line items, etc.

  • Avoid hypotheticals, assumptions, or subjective questions

  • Don't expect it to make inferences or read between the lines

  • Rephrase your question if you don't get a relevant answer

  • Expect responses within 20 seconds

What about the data

Rabbet owns the derivative data being used to build and leverage these tools. Additionally, we are anonymizing the data when sharing it with external tools we are leveraging in order to protect our clients and ourselves. We are not scraping any public data or copyrighted data as a part of this product.

We hope you enjoy using Rabbet Vantage Beta to get quick project insights! As the beta continues, the service will become smarter and more capable. Please share any feedback on your experience with your Customer Success Manager or help@rabbet.com so we can improve Rabbet Vantage.

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