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This article will show you how to use Tasks & Timeline to manage tasks and key dates on your projects.

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Key Features

  • New project-level Timeline tab available to manage/view all tasks (formerly known as Milestones)

  • On Tasks, you can now assign an owner, duration, and comment

  • Expected Completion Date can be calculated

  • Global task list for all new projects (admin controls in admin section)

  • Global tasks are available to be reported on across the portfolio through self-serve Reports > Project or through the API

Adding Tasks to a Project

To add tasks to a project, follow these simple steps:

  • Navigate to your project

  • Select the "Timeline" tab

  • Click on "Add New Task"

You can also manage tasks directly from the project dashboard in the Task section.

Task Details

When adding a new task, provide the following information:

  • Task name

  • Status

  • Start date

  • Duration

  • Owner of the task

Please Note: The duration currently includes non-business calendar days.

You can also add details and @mention team members in the comment section of the task to keep everyone informed. This will notify users in their to-do section on the portfolio page.

Managing Tasks

Once you've added task names, dates, and statuses, they will appear in the "Task" tab on the project dashboard and under the "Timeline" tab. You can easily update the status of each task as the project progresses and export timeline data in a project report.

Creating "Milestones"

Creating a "milestone" will also be done as a 'Task' in the timeline tab. To create a common milestone such as an expiration date or maturity date where there is no duration, you can simply enter start date as the completion date with a 0 day duration.

This will set the completion date the same as the start date.

Weekly Timeline Updates

After setting up Tasks & Timelines, you have the option to configure notifications for "Weekly Timeline Updates." You can do this through your notification settings, and these updates will be sent to your email on a weekly basis.

Global Tasks

Global Tasks are tasks that can be set as defaults for all projects and project types. To configure these tasks for all projects in your portfolio, follow these steps:

  • Navigate to the "Admin" tab

  • Go to "Configurations"

  • Select "Tasks" and choose the tasks by project type

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What fields are required on a task?

A: Only task name is a required field.

Q: What alerts will I get for overdue tasks?

A: In-app you will see red flags for all tasks that are more than 7 days overdue and a yellow flag for all tasks that are less than 7 days overdue.

Q: If I set a global task list, can I still add tasks to a project?

A: Yes, the global task list is meant to standardize reporting on key dates across your portfolio. Every project is different, so you can add/remove tasks within each project to fit project needs.

Q: Can I assign tasks to outside owners?

A: No, tasks can only be assigned to Rabbet users on your account (for lenders: it also cannot be assigned to borrowers or inspectors)

Q: Do tasks impact automatic rules or projections?

A: Not yet, but we are investing a lot more in this area and expect more ties to rules and projections in the coming months.

Q: I don’t want my lender or equity partner to see a task. How do I filter tasks?

A: There is no way to filter tasks on the Timeline tab. If there’s a task you don’t want to track (for example, an insurance expo date that Rabbet auto-created), you can delete it. If you don’t want to include it on a project report, we can apply filters to your custom project report or you can delete a task after you export to Word. To see the filtered tasks in app, you can use the Task Report in the reporting section of the app.

Tasks & Timeline is a permission-based feature. If you are interested in learning more about this feature, or you have questions or feedback, please contact your Customer Success Manager or email Support at help@rabbet.com.

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