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Sending Invoices to
Sending Invoices to

This article will show you how to effectively post payments from Rabbet to

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Sending Invoices to

Once all documents in your draw have been reviewed and assigned properly to the budget line items, and you are ready to finalize the draw, the last step is to post invoice payments to your accounts payable system.

Navigate to the Payments tab within your current draw to view your payable documents.

Note: Only those with “Push invoice to” Permission can view the Payments Screen. A Rabbet Admin can enable this permission.

Verify the correct Vendor Payment Type has been auto-classified by Rabbet for each vendor from the drop down menu (explanations below):

  • Direct Pay - documents containing soft cost line items will be auto-classified as such under payment type by default

  • Do Not Pay Directly - documents with this payment type will not receive any payment directly from Accounts Payable and will not be sent to the accounts payable system. It is important to understand how each Vendor Payment Type will affect the 'Payment Amount' column:

  • Any document set as 'Direct Pay' will take the 'Documented Amount (Net)' and copy it under 'Payment Amount' and will be posted in

  • Any document set as 'Do Not Pay Directly' will show $0.00 under 'Payment Amount' and will not be posted in

Posting Invoices to

Once you've verified that each document to be posted to has the correct vendor payment type for that document and vendor, click 'Post' to push this information to Note that you can either individually post payments by clicking the grey 'Post' button next to the 'Status' column, or you can post all payments within the draw at once by clicking the blue 'Post' button at the top right of your screen.

Potential Error Messages

If an invoice is highlighted yellow and you are unable to post, this means you have an error that needs to be resolved prior to posting. To resolve the error, hover over the triangle on the highlighted line, this will expose the error message and provide instructions on the appropriate resolution. Below are the 3 potential error messages you may receive.

  • "This document has been changed since the payment was posted. The payment due may not match the posted payment."

  • "Document cannot be posted because it is missing a vendor ID"

    • You can add 'Vendor ID's' from within the 'Organizations' tab.

  • "This document cannot be posted because the Project ID hasn't been set. Please set this in Project Settings > Project Details > Custom ID"

    • This should align with the project's Org ID within

Once you resolve the error or if there is no error you may continue to posting your payments. Click "Post" and you will receive a message letting you know this action cannot be undone.


Please note, invoices that have not been approved can be posted. You will however receive a pop up message letting you know that the invoice has not been approved, confirming you would like to "Post" the invoice anyway.

After Posting Payments to

After successfully posting your payments in Rabbet, all posted payable documents will be automatically pushed into your company's connected Invoice Inbox. Those with access to will be able to confirm and review the documents that have been posted within this inbox.

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