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Uploading Documents from AvidXchange
Uploading Documents from AvidXchange

Learn how to upload invoices from AvidXchange into Rabbet

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This article is intended for organizations that track invoice approvals through AvidXchange and sync AvidXchange with their accounting software. In this scenario, Rabbet is used to track the budget, adjustments, loan requirements and approvals of project finances. 

Follow these steps to get the information from AvidXchange into Rabbet. 

Export Documents from AvidXChange within your AvidXChange account. Navigate to the 'Advanced Search Criteria' for your invoices. 

Filter the invoices for the 'Job' that you want to upload and the invoices that you want to include. Rabbet will recognize duplicate invoices based on invoice numbers, but process consistency for the invoices that you upload each time will help avoid issues. It is recommended that you upload invoices based on the same criteria (i.e. Invoice Date) each time. 

Export to CSV once you have filtered the invoices to the invoices you want to sync with Rabbet. Click the 'Export CSV' button. 

Upload the CSV into Rabbet. Navigate to the applicable draw in Rabbet and click the 'Add Documents' button. 

Click on 'Select Files...' to open your computer's document finder, or simply drag and drop your CSV file onto the upload pad. 

After clicking 'Upload' you will see a status bar in the bottom right area of the window indicating Rabbet's progress.

When the documents have finished parsing, they will appear in the 'Documents' tab. Confirm that all invoices have green circles with checkmarks in the 'Status' column. If there is a warning in the document status column (orange circles with exclamation points inside), Rabbet is indicating that the document needs attention. 

*Note that if an invoice is being assigned to multiple line items, you will need to review those invoices to make sure they are correctly assigned. 

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