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What Data Is Rabbet Capturing From my Documents and Filling in Automatically?
What Data Is Rabbet Capturing From my Documents and Filling in Automatically?

Did you know Rabbet is automatically classifying documents & extracting relevant data points from your documents to make life easier?

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Whenever a document is uploaded into Rabbet, you have the ability to see exactly which data points from your document Rabbet has auto-filled for you. 

For example, on the invoice below it has found the Document Type, Vendor, Invoice Number, Invoice Date, and Amount. The even better news is that Rabbet is intelligent enough to make associations with Line Items and remember for future draws. 

If there is light blue shading in document fields (like below) that means Rabbet has found and filled in the information for you! That means less data entry with a more efficient and accurate management of your construction finances.

Vendor Recognition

If you've wondered how Rabbet is recognizing the vendor on certain documents it's because whenever a document is uploaded, Rabbet looks for various alternative data behind the scenes to identify your unique vendors. 

Inputting information from the document such as contact email and phone number in addition to organization name when adding a new vendor can allow Rabbet to more effectively recognize and auto-fill the 'Vendor' field for future documents from this vendor.

If Rabbet ever gets a vendor assumption wrong, it might be happening because there is an Alias in place that should not be. If you navigate to the Vendor's record in your Organizations module, you can simply turn off the wrong Alias so it won't happen again. In the example below, you can see there is a correct Alias in place, but it's very simple to turn off if needed. 

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