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Make changes to the project details in Rabbet at any time during the life of the project.

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From the project 'Overview' page, navigate to the 'Project Settings' tab.

Click on the project settings title to expand the drop down panel for the settings that are being edited. See the sections below for additional details on the various Project Settings configurations. Click 'Save Changes' in each section for which updates are made. 

Project Details - name of the project, location, start date, expected length, and additional configurable fields.  

*Did you know that you can add custom fields to the 'Project Details'? A custom field allows you to filter and organize reports that meet the unique needs of your organization. Please contact the Partner Success team at help@rabbet.com to add one or more custom fields for your projects.

Sources & Uses - structure of the project's financing, including line-item specific uses of funds. Check out this article for details on configuring project funding sources. 

Line Item Settings - select which 'Type' of cost you want to designate each line item from your budget. Next, select which 'Category'' you would like to assign these line items to. Lastly, designate an 'Expected Retainage' for each line item (if applicable).

See below for a list of Line Item Types & Categories:

  • Types:

    • Hard Costs

    • Soft Costs

  • Categories:

    • Allowances

    • Contingency

    • Developer Fees

    • Fees

    • Financing

    • Interest Reserves

    • Land / Acquisition

    • Tenant Improvements

Rules - in the 'Rules' section, toggle OFF any 'Automatic' rules you do not want Rabbet to perform when reviewing the draw package. You can also toggle OFF/ON any 'Manual' checks you'd like Rabbet to remind you to manually complete when reviewing a draw. To configure a unique 'Manual' check for this project, click 'Add a manual rule'. 

User Access - set the level of access you would like each of your users to have for this project. You may add multiple users as 'Document Reviewer' and 'Draw Reviewer', however, there may only be one 'Signatory' per project. Additionally, users who are not reviewers can still be granted access to the project.

*Please note that reviewers must have already been invited to set up their own user accounts in order to appear in the table on this page.

Stakeholders - create a record of the organizations and contacts that are affiliated with a project by adding 'Stakeholders'. The catalogue of 'Stakeholders' adds speed and accuracy when preparing to send a draw. 

Sharing - a link that 3rd party vendors can use to upload documents and invoices to the project. See this article for details on setting up a shared link. 

Do you have questions or feedback? Please email us at help@rabbet.com

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