*This article is intended for Rabbet users only. If you are not a Rabbet user and need to download documents after receiving a Rabbet Draw Submission in your email, see this article.

General Data Download

Rabbet provides several ways to export documents and information. 

Data that is organized in a Rabbet table can be exported to CSV by clicking on the 'Table Actions' button. Be sure to make changes to the table before Exporting so you capture all the data needed. 

Any single document that is uploaded to Rabbet can be downloaded from the 'Documents' tab. You can also select multiple documents, like invoices, to download all at once. 

Download Draw Files

The options below describe how you can download a draw package containing the full draw documentation and/or an Excel file summarizing the draw. 

Navigate to the 'Reviews' tab within the applicable draw.

Download Documents - click this option to download a zip folder that contains the draw documentation (as individual PDF files) and an Excel summary of the draw request.

Download Package - click this option to download a single PDF document that contains all of the .pdf draw documentation, including a first page table of contents of the PDF documents only.

*Note that any non-PDF documents stored in the draw (MS Word docs, other Excel files, etc.) will not be included in this package or table of contents.

Download Draw Summary - click this option to download an Excel file summarizing the current Draw Request

*Note that this option does not include any of the invoices, pay apps, or other documentation 

Download Stamped Documents

Your Rabbet account can be configured to download stamped documents. The stamp outlines relevant project, vendor, line item, and status information particular to the document.

Navigate to the documents tab within the applicable draw. Click on the document.

Click 'Download Stamped Document' on the document review modal. 

Depending on your browser settings, the document and its stamp will immediately download to your computer or open in a new browser window (at which point you can download the PDF).

Do you have questions or feedback? Please email us at help@rabbet.com

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