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This article will help you understand how to upload and review Pay Applications within a project.

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Upload & Review Pay Application Information

Note: Pay Applications must be uploaded as PDF's.

After uploading the Pay Application into your draw, classify the document by selecting the 'Pay Application' option in the document type drop down.

Selecting a General Contractor

Select the General Contractor from the 'Vendor' dropdown. If an organization has not been previously configured as the project GC, a blue alert ribbon will ask you to 'Set selected vendor as a General Contractor and save'.

Configuring a GC allows you to nest subcontractor pay apps and lien waivers as backup within the GC hard costs. For more information on subcontractor pay apps, reference the article link below:

Confirm Pay Application Information

In the Pay Application document review modal, begin by confirming that the pay application information is correct and editing or adding any missing information:

Review & Input Line Item Information

There are two options for inputting line item information:

First, click 'Add Split' for each line item for which a current transaction is recorded on the Pay Application.

Second, click 'Show all Hard Cost line items' to automatically populate all hard costs line items from your project budget. Note: adding all hard cost line items requires you to input retainage to date for all line item splits.

Complete the applicable fields for each line item split. Note the following details:

  • The retainage for a given line item may either be entered as the total retainage to date OR the retainage this draw. Entering one will automatically calculate the other.

  • If the retainage is tracked as a separate line item, be sure to 'Add Split' for that special line item and input the total retainage.

  • Pay Application descriptions may not align with the budget line items that are tracked on a given project (different roll ups, vendors, etc.). Using the 'Internal Comments' field is great way to track which Pay App items align with a given budget line item and vendor.

Review & Submit the Pay Application

Rabbet then automatically calculates the 'Current payment due' for each line item on the Pay Application using the Work Completed, Stored Materials, Total Retainage to Date, and Previous Period Retainage (from the previous draws in Rabbet).

To see this calculation, hover the cursor over the gray circle with an exclamation point and a tooltip will appear.

*Note that the 'Current Retainage' and 'Current Payment Due' figures in this window are calculated using retainage data from the previous draws in Rabbet. If the previous draws do not accurately reflect the retainage for a line item, contact For additional information on retainage reference the below article:

After the retainage details are input on the Pay Application document and you click 'Submit', the applicable values will be updated on the draw line items page:

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