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Hard Cost Tab Explained
Hard Cost Tab Explained

This article will help you understand how to navigate the Hard Cost tab within a draw and understand how the information is being presented.

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Rabbet provides quick and easy visibility into all the back up and supporting documents assigned to your Hard Cost line items, and groups and organizes this information for you by:

  • Vendor type (GC or subcontractor)

  • Budget line item (all Hard Cost line items with amounts requested)

  • Documented Amount (Requested, Retainage, Conditional & Unconditional Lien Waiver Coverage)

For help on how to populate the fields and information in this tab from the documents in your draw package, be sure to check out this article first before continuing on:

Hard Cost Table

As you add GC and Subcontractor back up documents to your draw and classify and assign them to Hard Cost line items in your budget, the information from these documents will populate the table displayed under the Hard Cost tab.

Across the top of the table, you are presented with some basic information about the Hard Cost amounts and General Contractor documents for this draw, giving you quick visibility and access to these primary draw documents. The blue links under 'GC PAY APPLCIATION' and 'GC LIEN WAIVER' will bring you directly to those documents.

The information arranged in the Hard Cost table is designed to give you quick visibility and immediate access to the Hard Cost information and documents in this draw. The following screen shot breaks down how this table is arranged, and each of the elements are explained in more depth below:

The table is first grouped horizontally by the Hard Cost line items that have amounts requested on them this draw. Beneath the line item grouping are the GC and subcontractor vendors that have documented amounts assigned to these line items.

The table is grouped vertically by the vendor type ('General Contractor' and 'Subcontractor'), and the column headers in these groupings break out the different documented amounts assigned to the particular vendor for this line item. Document totals that fall under the 'Subcontractor' group are from backup documents that support the GC draw documents. These documents have been marked 'Do not apply to draw' in the document review modal.

For more information on processing 'Subcontractor' or backup documents and the 'Do not apply to draw' designation, see the article linked at the beginning of this article.

The amounts displayed will quickly show you how much the vendor is requesting on this line item, how much retainage is being held, and how much the conditional/unconditional lien waiver covers on this draw.

Line item subtotals listed under the 'Subcontractor' group should add up to those under the 'General Contractor' group. The 'Subcontractor' or backup amounts are thus 'nested' under the 'General Contractor' subtotals which allows you to see how the General Contractor amounts requested by line item are broken out by the documentation.

Table Configuration

You may find there is additional information you'd like to see displayed in this Hard Cost table. The Hard Cost tab allows you to configure and save your own particular table view that displays the information you need.

Simply click the 'Table Actions' drop-down menu to configure this table and save your view. If you do not have permission to configure tables in Rabbet, contact your admin for assistance.

For more information on configuring and saving table views, see this article:

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