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Tracking Costs to Agreements
Tracking Costs to Agreements

Tracking costs to agreements gives you a complete picture of project costs so you can make more proactive decisions.

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In addition to comparing agreements to the budget for tracking buyout and anticipated budget, customers on the Premium tier are now able to track costs to specific agreements. This article walks through how to seamlessly track all invoices and pay applications against contracts and executed change orders so that you can confirm invoices are within contract, and understand how much is remaining in contract and in budget.

Adding Agreements

First add an agreement into Rabbet with applicable line items and input 'Contract Number'. Rabbet will automatically create a 'Contract Name' from the information gathered. The 'Contract Name' can be edited to the users preference.

After successfully adding an agreement into Rabbet you are now ready to attach an invoice or 'Cost to Agreements'.


There are 2 new alerts displayed on invoices. These alert you that the 'invoice amount is not fully allocated to an agreement' and 'line items may not be attached to an agreement' if an agreement is not preset for a vendor. These alerts Do Not prevent saving an invoice.

Assigning Invoice To Agreement

To attach the invoice to the agreement, open the invoice and navigate to the 'Agreements' section. Input the amount of the invoice associated with the agreement. Displayed is the 'Amount Available', 'This Invoice', and 'Amount Remaining' on the agreement. Rabbet will not allow allocation of amounts greater than agreement amount available.

Tracking Agreement Spent to Date

Once an invoice has been associated with an agreement it will be displayed on the invoice and in the agreement under 'Invoices'. The remaining total of the agreement is displayed under 'Total Remaining'

Tracking Anticipated Costs

In addition to tracking cost to agreements you can also track anticipated cost and budget variances using our Anticipated Costs Report and Original Budget Variance report. To learn more about these reports please refer to the article below.

For more information on how to create and manage agreements, refer to the following article:

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