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Agreements Management
Agreements Management

Manage and track the agreements and contracts with all of your project vendors to quickly assess the status to date.

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Add a Vendor Agreement

Navigate to the Agreements tab for your project. Click 'Add Agreement'.

If you do not see the Agreements tab in your Rabbet account, reach out to your Customer Success Manager, or email

Select the type of Agreement you want to add:

This article only covers adding and managing a basic Agreement Addendum, Contract, or Work Authorization. For more information on managing Change Orders, please see this article:

Complete the relevant fields for the agreement, and be sure to click the 'Add Line Item' button to enter any Contract Changes. Just like invoices and pay applications in Rabbet, a single contract or other agreement can be split across multiple line items.

The only field that is required to enter an agreement is the 'Vendor'. You may add a new vendor if one doesn't yet exist by clicking 'Add Organization'.

Note that adding an Agreement document is optional, and it may be done by dragging and dropping a file on the upload pad on the right side of the modal, or by using the file selector.

Viewing Agreements

Rabbet offers you two default ways to view your agreements. The 'Agreements View' offers you a table listing of each individual agreement:

The 'View Vendors' view shows each vendor and the line items their agreements are associated with:

As with our other tables in Rabbet, you're always able to configure and save your own views by navigating to the 'Table Actions' menu above the table.

Review and Edit the Agreement Details

Click on a line in the Agreements table to review and edit the agreement details:

Make any edits, and click 'Save'.

Viewing Change Orders

Rabbet offers you two default ways to view your agreements, by "Change Reason" and by "Vendor". You can view all of your exposures, potential change orders, and executed change orders from the top of the Agreements tab.

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