Add a Vendor Agreement

Navigate to the 'Agreements' tab for your project. Click 'Add Agreement'.

Complete the relevant fields for the agreement. Any associated line items and previous 'spent to date' figures will pre-fill on the form when the vendor is selected. There are several types of agreements that can be added and tracked in this tool.

Any contract or agreement document associated with the vendor can also be uploaded on this form. It is NOT necessary though to include any documents when tracking agreement amounts for the work performed by a vendor. Click 'Submit'

The agreement amount input for the vendor and line item combination will then appear on the table. The 'spend to date' figures are aggregated based on invoice and pay application data input during the draw packaging process.

Invoices and pay applications must have a vendor, line item, and amounts assigned to properly aggregate for agreements tracking. The amounts from these documents are often split between multiple line items. That is why the agreement tracking also encompasses multiple line items.

Review the Agreement Details for a Vendor and Line Item Combination

Click on a line to review the agreement and draw document details in a slideout.

Click on the line for a particular agreement to view the original agreement form record.

You can also edit the original agreement record form.

Add Agreement for New Vendor

Many agreements will be input on Rabbet before any costs or draw documents are submitted from that vendor. Simply click 'Add New Vendor' if that vendor does not appear in the dropdown menu when creating the agreement record.


Just like invoices and pay applications in Rabbet, a single contract or other agreement can be split across multiple line items. The resulting data visible in the Rabbet agreements table may be deceiving. In the example below, the original $6.5M contract for Williams Contracting has been split between two lines.

Clicking on the "hard costs" line in the agreements table reveals the slideout detail showing a single 'contract' of $6MM rather than the full $6.5MM.

This amount however is only the portion of the original $6.5MM contract associated with the "hard costs" line item. Clicking on the line reveals the agreement record containing the full contract amount split between the two lines.

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