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QuickBooks Online Configuration
QuickBooks Online Configuration
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QuickBooks Online Configuration

This article is intended for Organizations with QuickBooks access enabled in Rabbet. If you do not have access enabled within Rabbet, you will need to contact your CSM prior to using this guide. Once that is done there are just a few additional steps to get you set up.

Locating your Company ID

  1. Log into QuickBooks online

  2. Click on the gear icon in the upper right corner.

  3. Click “Subscriptions and billing” under the Profile Section:

On the next page you will see your Company ID:

The Company ID will need to be entered into the Custom ID field when you begin your project set up or on the Project Settings Page -> Project Details:

Authorize Access to QuickBooks

  1. Log into Rabbet with an Admin User.

  2. Click on the Project you would like to Authorize.

  3. Click Project Settings.

  4. Expand the QuickBooks Online Configuration section.

  5. Click the "Connect to QuickBooks" button.

  6. You will be sent to a confirmation page to confirm.

Mapping Line Items from Rabbet to QuickBooks Online

In QuickBooks Online (QBO), having multiple charts of accounts may be necessary for businesses that operate in different segments, have separate legal entities, or need distinct accounting structures for various reasons. To identify line items once they are posted to QBO, it is necessary to identify the specific Chart of Accounts you are currently using by determining the Chart of Accounts ID number.

Note: There may be multiple Chart of Accounts for each property.

Locating your Chart of Accounts

You can access your Chart of Accounts two different ways via QuickBooks Online.

1. By using the search option on the top right hand side of QuickBooks Online.

2. Navigating via the Panel on the left - towards the bottom select Account -> Chart of Accounts.

3. Click on a line item then navigate to your browser URL. At the end of the URL you will see "accountid=" after the "=" you will see a number. That number is the ID associated with that Chart of Accounts. *See example below.

Note: The QuickBooks Online interface does not provide visibility or access to this ID. The URL is the only way for the user to retrieve this information at this time.

QuickBooks Online URL Example

Adding Chart of Accounts ID to Budget Line Items in Rabbet

1. From the example above we would take the located, 13, and enter into the "Line Item Number" Field.

2. Line Item Numbers can also be uploaded or added after the project has been created.

Syncing Vendors between Rabbet and QuickBooks Online

All you need to do is "Enable automatic vendor syncing with QuickBooks Online", and we'll sync your vendors every 4 hours. To enable this feature please follow the steps below:

  1. Click your Email Address in the top right corner.

  2. Click "Admin".

  3. Click the "Configuration" Tab.

  4. Expand the "QuickBooks Online" menu

  5. Toggle "Enable automatic vendor syncing with QuickBooks Online."

Note: You also have the option to Sync Vendors at any time by clicking the "Sync Vendors" button in the same menu.

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