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Vendor Organization Management
Vendor Organization Management

Easily add or delete a vendor, edit vendor details, review all projects and documents in which an organization is involved.

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Rabbet broadly categorizes the various lenders, borrowers, vendors, inspectors, etc. saved in your account as 'Organizations'. These organizations can be found in many Rabbet features such as document management, draw review, budget management, and many others. Each organization is put into "action" in these features by the various links and automation at the core of Rabbet.

Maintenance of the organizations in your account will ensure that you are experiencing the maximum benefits of Rabbet's automated features. 

Important Note: ALL Rabbet users in your account can edit & add vendor organization details for ALL organizations, however permission to delete a vendor organization must be turned by your account admin.

Add New Organizations

You may easily and quickly add a new vendor organization by clicking the 'Add Organization' button above the table on the 'Organizations' page and filling in the appropriate vendor information in the fields provided.

New vendor and affiliated organizations can also be added to Rabbet in several other areas:

When a new organization has been added in one of these areas, the organization information input into Rabbet is aggregated on the 'Organizations' page.

Edit Existing Organizations

From any page in Rabbet, navigate to the 'Organizations' page.

View the organization information by clicking on any part of the organization row.

This slideout shows the various projects involving this organization and the documents associated with the organization. You can directly access the associated projects and documents by clicking on the desired line. 

Edit the details as necessary. Click 'Submit' to save the changes.

'Vendor ID' (also call a "vendor number" by some users) can be added for an organization. Adding the ID allows you to develop reporting that aligns vendors by this code. This can be particularly useful when comparing Rabbet reports with other management reports (such as accounting or project management).

Add and Edit Members

Housed within the organization details are the 'Members'. These are the individual contacts affiliated the organization within whom you communicate. Examples include the vendor contact who submits invoices and the borrower contact who submits the draw request.

The members are critical to certain functions in Rabbet like submitting a draw. Additionally, this list can simply help you keep track of people involved on your projects.

Customize the organization table view

Like all tables in Rabbet, the columns and information visible can be customized to meet your needs. The example below is filtered to 'vendors' only and includes the 'vendor ID' and 'paid to date' for each.

Delete a Vendor Organization

As mentioned in the note at the beginning, in order to delete a vendor organization from your account, the user permission to do so must be turned on.

If you or your account admin do not see this user permission, email to have this feature turned on.

At the bottom of an organization slide out you have the option to delete a vendor organization so long as there are no associated projects, members, or documents. If there are associated projects, members, or documents listed in the vendor slide out, the 'Delete Organization' button will be disabled.

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