*Note that ALL Rabbet users in your account can edit & add vendor organization details for ALL organizations

Add New Organizations

New vendor and affiliated organizations can be added to Rabbet in several areas:

When a new organization has been added in one of these areas, the organization information input into Rabbet is aggregated on the 'Organizations' page.

Edit Existing Organizations

1. From any page in Rabbet, navigate to the 'Organizations' page.

2. View the organization information by clicking on any part of the organization row.

3. In the slide out, edit the details as necessary. Click 'Submit' to save the changes.

Note that this modal outlines the various projects involving this organization and the documents associated with the organization. You can directly access the associated projects and documents by clicking on the desired line. 

*Check out this article for more information about the functionality of 'Vendor Cost Codes' in Rabbet

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