Both lenders and developers utilize Rabbet to manage draw packages. Although the overall process and purpose of managing draws in Rabbet varies between these groups, the steps to create the draw are the same. For a more comprehensive discussion of the various Rabbet experiences, check out these articles:

Create a New Draw

From the project 'Overview' tab, click on 'Create New Draw'.

Complete the 'Draw name' and 'Expected send date' fields.

If prior draws have been submitted for this project, Rabbet will also display the funding status and funding date of the prior draws. These fields can be updated from the 'New Draw' modal.

Click 'Submit' to create the draw.

Edit Draw Name

Don't worry if you made a typo when creating the draw name. Easily edit the draw name by navigating to the draw 'Line Items' tab. Click the [...] button at the top.

Select 'Rename Draw'. Enter the new draw name and click 'Save'.

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