1. From the project 'Overview' tab, click on 'New Draw'.

2. Complete the 'Draw name' and 'Expected send date' fields.

3. If you are not ready to upload documents or if other parties are uploading their own documents via the shared link, click the 'Submit' button and the draw is created.

4. If prior draws have been submitted for this project, Rabbet will also display the funding status and funding date of the prior draws. These fields can be updated from the 'New Draw' modal.

Steps 5 and 6 apply when the draw documents are ready to be uploaded

5. Click inside the Upload Pad to select the files that you want to upload, or simply drag and drop all of your documents into the area.

6. Once the progress bars disappear and you see green check marks indicating your files have been uploaded successfully, click 'Submit'. This will take you to your freshly created Draw ready to be worked on. 

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