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Import or Download a Draw from Rabbet
Import or Download a Draw from Rabbet

Receive a draw request notification email through Rabbet? Follow these quick steps to import a draw to Rabbet.

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1. Once you have received an email notification for a draw request, click 'Import Draw' from the body of the email.

2. After clicking 'Import Draw’ you will be redirected to a Rabbet login page. Click 'Open in Rabbet' to login and view the draw package in Rabbet.

*Note that if you don't have a Rabbet account but would like to make your draw review more efficient and transparent, please reach out to Alternatively, you can download draw document files without logging into Rabbet (see instructions at the bottom of this page).

3. If the submitted draw is for a new project that has not yet been created in Rabbet, select 'Create new project...' in the 'Project Name' drop down. 

Select the project 'Type' and click 'Create'. Please review this article for details regarding the project settings.

Alternatively, if the project has already been created, select the applicable project from 'Project Name' drop down. Click 'Import'.

Download draw documents without a Rabbet login

*These instructions are intended for lenders, inspectors, and equity partners that are not current Rabbet users.

You have the option to receive the draw documents sent to you without logging into Rabbet. 

Download Documents -
click this option to download a zip folder that contains the draw documentation (as individual PDF files) and an Excel summary of the draw request.

Download Package -
click this option to download a single PDF document that contains all of the draw documentation, including a first page summary of the draw request.

Download Draw Summary -
click this option to download an Excel file summarizing the draw request

*Note that this option does not include any of the invoices, pay apps, or other documentation 

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