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Bringing In-Flight Projects To Date
Bringing In-Flight Projects To Date

Create a project with a 'To Date' draw if the project is already underway to move your project onto Rabbet.

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When creating an in-flight project in Rabbet, you have the option to enter a 'Full History' of your project on a draw by draw basis to get a detailed snapshot of each historical draw, but most users opt for a 'To Date' draw for a simpler experience.

Depending on what you are hoping to accomplish in bringing the project up to date will determine which route you should choose:

  • If you intend to use Rabbet as a means of auditing each historic draw using each draw's documents, entering a Full History is recommended.

  • If you're simply wanting to get started with new draws only in Rabbet, then a single 'To-Date' draw is preferred.

  • Note that if you intend to upload all historical draw pay applications, change orders, and lien waivers to keep in Rabbet for your records, you should enter the project's Full History.

The Project Creation Wizard is a step by step guide to get your project up and running. For more information on Project Creation, see this article:

If you do not see the 'Add Project' button on your Portfolio, contact your system admin to ask for this permission.

Creating a To-Date Draw

Once you have completed the Project Creation Wizard, and have selected 'To-Date Draw', you will be prompted to enter the total amount that has been previously funded on this project to date. This amount should be the 'Total Earned Less Retainage' amount on your most recently funded pay application plus any other soft cost items funded thus far.

Once you complete the Project Creation Wizard you will need to input any budget adjustments and previously spent on the budget to date by uploading a supporting pay application, editing line item amounts directly, or uploading a draw summary (if this feature is turned on for your account).

Important Notes

  1. In this To Date Draw, it is extremely important to upload the most recent Pay Application from the GC and enter the Total Amounts Completed on each line item. Since these are tracked in Rabbet as to date numbers, for the next draw period to reconcile properly the GC's Pay App must be uploaded and tracked in the To-Date Draw.

  2. If you are uploading an Excel draw summary, you must map your Total Amount Completed column to the Amount Requested column in order to bring in all historic amounts for each line item up to date for the next draw period.

    1. *note that you still must upload the most recent GC's Pay Application and at least enter the Retainage To Date in order for subsequent periods to calculate correctly.

Now you are able to create a new draw and carry on with your normal draw process.

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