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Edit Line Item Amount Requested
Edit Line Item Amount Requested

Manually update the draw amount for a line item without supporting documentation

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The draw amount requested on a line item is typically created when assigning supporting documentation. As the amounts outlined on invoices and pay application documents are assigned to the applicable line items in Rabbet, the draw amounts for the line items are automatically created.

*Inside the document assignment modal

It may be necessary to manually input a draw amount for a line item. This typically occurs when there is no supporting documentation for a requested amount. 

Navigate to the 'Line Items' tab within the draw. Click on the line item for which a manual entry is being made.

A slide out will open outlining additional details for that line item. Click 'Edit Amount' 

Enter the total draw amount for that line item in the 'Gross amount requested' field. Click 'Submit'.

*Note that when inputting an amount in the 'Retainage withheld' field, Rabbet automatically calculates a 'Net amount requested'. The 'Net amount requested' becomes the draw request amount for that line item.  

The manually input amount now appears in the 'Current Amount Requested' column on the line items table.

It is important to note that manually updating the line item in this manner overrides the draw amount that was automatically created when assigning supporting documentation. 

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