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Cost Codes and Document Descriptions
Cost Codes and Document Descriptions

Rabbet provides the functionality to track cost codes for documents, line items and vendors.

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Job Cost Codes

Job cost codes can be associated with line items and documents by assigning this information to a document.  Simply complete this field when assigning ‘Invoice’ document types. Although you may receive a warning on your document when this field is empty, the 'Job Cost Code' is not a required form field for documents.

If the 'Job Cost Code' field is not appearing on the invoice form, please contact

*Note that multiple job cost codes can be associated with the same line item

After adding this information, customize your budget line items table to include the job cost codes.

View all of the documents associated with a particular job cost code by configuring a custom report.

CSI MasterFormat

Rabbet supports the 16 division CSI MasterFormat as an additional line item within your document. Similar to cost codes, this can be assigned to individual documents and customized within your budget and reporting views. If you do not currently see this functionality within your documents, please reach out to to have this feature toggled 'ON' for your organization.

Document Description

The document review modal contains a free-form 'Description' field that can be used to capture important document information not input elsewhere. A common usage of this field is capturing a "job number" that differs from the cost code or line item code.

This description field can be configured as a column in the documents table and the full text of the description can be exported.

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