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This article will help you understand how to create and manage change orders, exposures, and potential change orders within your projects.

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Change orders come in many varieties, and Rabbet allows you to create and manage exposures, potential change orders, and executed change orders quickly and efficiently!

Managing Change Orders Uploaded as Documents

If you have uploaded a change order document from within the Documents tab, simply click on the change order document to begin your review.

From within the document you can choose to select the document type as an exposure, potential change order, or executed change order. Following that selection, you will define any contract changes or budget adjustments (if you selected an executed change order) stemming from the change order.

Creating Change Order Documents

If you would like to create a new exposure, potential change order, or executed change order, navigate to the Agreements tab and click 'Add Agreement'. For a more detailed look at the Agreements tab, please refer to the article below:

Note: The Agreements tab is a permission-based feature. If you are interested in learning more about Rabbet's suite of contract & agreement management features, please email our Customer Success team at

Contract Changes

To add a change order amount, click 'Add Change Order Amount'.

Next, choose the applicable line item(s) to reflect the change order amounts. If multiple contract line items will be affected, you can click 'Add Change Order Amount' to add additional line items. Click 'Save'.

The change order document is now linked to the contract(s). Review this information by navigating to the Agreements tab.

For additional information regarding the Agreements tab, navigate to the article below:

Budget Adjustments

Select the budget adjustment(s) to which the change order document applies. You can either choose to 'Add Line Item Adjustment' or 'Add a New Line Item' if the change order creates a brand new line item within the budget. Click 'Save'.

The change order document is now linked to the adjustment(s). Review this information by clicking on 'Budget Adjustments' button on the Line Items tab.

Confirm information from inside the budget adjustments modal.

For more information on executing budget changes with or without any change order documentation, check out the article on Project Budget Adjustments.

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