*Note that all budget adjustments occur within a Rabbet draw.

Click here for information on assigning change order documents to budget adjustments. 

Reallocate Funds in the Budget

Most projects require funds to be reallocated between line items at some point during the project lifecycle. These transfers often involve a budgeted contingency line item, but not always. Rabbet has the flexibility to reallocate funds to and from any line item.

Navigate to the ‘Line Items’ tab within the applicable draw. Click on ‘Budget Adjustments’.

Select the ‘Line Item Name’ for which the reallocation is being made. Input the applicable adjustment amount.

Select the ‘Line Item Name’ for the corresponding budget item(s) that balances the adjustment. Input the applicable amount(s). 

Review the ‘Net Budget Adjustments’ value to verify that the adjustment activity results in a net $0 amount. Click ‘Save Changes’. 

The adjustments are now reflected in the ‘Current Adjustments’ column on the line items budget table. The ‘Budget Adjustments’ button also reflects that there are two budget adjustments in the current draw. 

*Note that you should not adjust line item funds for a previously submitted draw without resubmitting the draw to the original recipients. 

Add Line Items to a Budget

Navigate to the ‘Line Items’ tab within the applicable draw. Click on ‘Budget Adjustments’.

Click 'Add Line Item' inside the budget adjustments modal.

Complete the 'Name' field and select the existing 'Division' to which the new line item should be added. Click 'Submit'.

You can also add a new ‘Division’ if desired. Simply click ‘Add New Division’ in the same modal and complete the ‘New Division Name’ field.

The new line item appears in the budget adjustments modal. Reallocate or add funds to this line item accordingly, or simply leave the 'Adjustment' field blank. 

Click 'Save Changes'

The new line item now appears in the applicable division. 

Change the Total Budget

The initial steps mirror budget reallocations discussed above. Click on ‘Budget Adjustments’ and indicate the applicable ‘Line Item Name’ and 'Adjustment' amount. 

Since the purpose of this adjustment is to change the budget total, the ‘Net Budget Adjustments’ amount should be a non-zero amount.

Click ‘Save and Next’.

Rabbet then directs you to the project funding sources information. The change in the total budget amount requires that you also update the funding sources for the project overall. Adjust the funding sources accordingly.

Click ‘Save and Apply’ and close the funding source modal. The budget adjustment now appears on the line items table. 

*Note that the ‘Current Adjustments’ total is a non-zero amount since the budget total has changed.

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