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Portfolio Insights

Make better decisions and guidance by leveraging portfolio data.

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Real estate developers on Rabbet’s premium tier can aggregate all data on their budgets, projects, vendors, and risk in one location with Portfolio Insights. This feature gives real estate developers the foresight to guide and make better decisions because they can now easily understand how their portfolio is performing, what capital is needed, and where they should continue to invest.

Below is an overview of each section of the portfolio insights feature and where the information can be located within Rabbet:

Portfolio Composition

  • Product Type

Product Type is an overview of all projects classified by type. This is configured at the project level in Project Settings > Project Details

  • Region

Region is configured at the project level in Project Settings > Project Details

  • General Contractor

General Contractors are configured at the project level in Project Settings > Stakeholders > Add Stakeholder

Upcoming Milestones

Milestones are created in Project Settings > Milestones

Project Costs

Project Cost presents a full budget breakdown based on two major categories 'Square Feet' and 'Acreage'

User Activity

User Activity tracks the number of draws that each user has marked as funded in the last month.

Outstanding Projects

Outstanding Projects displays an overview of all active projects.

Vendor Diversity

Vendor diversity is a full list of vendors and how many projects they are associated with in a portfolio.

Schedule Risk

Schedule Risk tracks budget spent, schedule remaining, and schedule health. Schedule health is curated based on project start date and expected project length. This is configured in Project Settings > Project Details.

Contingency Risk

Contingency risk tracks budget spent, contingency spent, and contingency overage from each individual project.

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