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Tracking Payment Status
Tracking Payment Status

Tracking amounts paid on invoices within Rabbet.

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Once an invoice has been paid you will want to track this within Rabbet. To mark invoices as paid users will need the permission for 'Payment Tracking' toggled on. Admin > User > Payments Tracking

Note: Users with this permission will be able to mark invoices as paid as well as edit invoices that have been previously marked paid.

To mark an invoices as paid navigate to the invoice and select "Marked Paid"

When marking an invoices as paid you have the the option to enter in the amount that has been paid on this invoice and the date it was paid.

Note: The amount paid total will not affect the invoice amount requested total or the draw total and is only for reporting purposes.

Once an Invoice has been marked paid it will no longer be editable.

This invoice can be edited if you update the invoice using the 'Edit Invoice' option. This will remove the invoice from being marked paid and will need to be marked paid again once edits are complete.

To view a report of invoices that have been marked paid you can navigate to the Table Actions > Customize Columns > Document Values and select amount paid and/or date paid.

Here you can view invoices that have been paid, when they have been paid, and compare amount paid vs amount requested.

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