Create and Save Custom View

1. From the project 'Overview' page, open a draw.

2. Click on 'Table Actions' and select 'Customize Columns'

3. In the 'Customize Columns' window, you can adjust the order of the columns, remove columns, or add inactive columns.

In the below example, three changes are made:
a) Drag the 'Retainage Amount' from the seventh position in the Active columns list to the first position
b) Click on the 'x' for 'Previous Adjustments' to move it from the Active columns list to the Inactive columns list
c) Click on the (+) for 'Job Cost Codes' to move it from the Inactive columns list to the Active columns list

4. Click 'Apply'.

In this example, the 'Retainage Amount' value now appears adjacent to the 'Line Item' column, and the 'Previous Adjustments' column is no longer visible. Also, the 'Job Cost Codes' appear in the far right column. 

Do you want to track budget line items using job/accounting cost codes? Be sure to add this data point when assigning ‘Invoice’ documents. Once the cost code has been associated with a line item through an ‘Invoice’ document type, the cost code can be added to your table view.

5. To save this customized view, click on the 'Table Actions' drop down menu and select 'Save Current View...'.

6. Name the customized view and click 'Save'.

7. This newly-created, customized view now appears on the 'Line Items' page within a draw.

*Note that custom project draw views are visible to all Rabbet users within your organization.

Manage Custom Views

1. To remove/manage custom views, click on the 'Table Actions' drop down menu and select 'Manage Views...'.

2. In the 'Manage Views' window, remove views or adjust the order of the custom views on the Line Items page.

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