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Add Documents to a Draw and Document Automation
Add Documents to a Draw and Document Automation

This article explains how to upload supporting files, split large PDF files if necessary, and review the information in each document.

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Most Rabbet users add draw documentation as one of the first actions after a new draw is created. Adding and assigning the draw documentation allows you to take advantage of many automated features in the application. Here's how:

Add documents to the draw

Some Rabbet users upload PDF files that contain just one invoice or pay app from a vendor. Others upload large PDF files that contain multiple invoices from multiple vendors. Rabbet provides the flexibility to upload and review both types of files.

From any tab within the draw, click on the 'Add' button

 Click on 'Select Files...' to open your computer's document finder, or simply drag and drop your PDF file onto the upload pad. 

As each document populates on the upload pad, designate whether it is a single document (one invoice from one vendor) or needs to be split (multiple vendors/invoices). Click 'Upload'.

A status bar will appear in the bottom right area of the window indicating Rabbet's progress. You can navigate elsewhere as the file processing completes.

If you designate a PDF file as a single document when uploading, it will immediately appear in the table on the draw 'Documents' tab. Rabbet will automatically classify the document 'Type' and extract the relevant information from each document. 

*Rabbet uses the term 'Document' to refer to a single invoice, pay app, lien waiver, or other documentation that supports the draw amount requested. 

Splitting a PDF file that contains multiple documents

The blue alert bar at the top of the 'Documents' tab will alert you to the files that need to be split. Click on the file link to 'Split' the file into multiple documents. 

*Note that if you navigate away from the 'Documents' tab you can also click ‘Expand/Collapse’ on the status bar in the bottom right area when the upload is complete. Click 'Split’.

In the document splitter modal, click between any two pages in order to make a split. Clicking between two pages that have already been split will rejoin them.

Click ‘Split’ in the top right when finished to return to the ‘Documents’ tab. Rabbet will automatically classify the document 'Type' and extract the relevant information from each of the newly designated documents. 

Review and update extracted document information

After the uploaded files have been processed and split (if necessary), the draw documents will now appear in the table on the 'Documents' tab. 

If there is a warning in the document status column (orange broken link), Rabbet is indicating that the document needs attention. Click anywhere on the document line to review the document details. 

Review the extracted information by expanding each section header and make any corrections needed. If the vendor was not automatically assigned, Rabbet will show "Suggested" vendors for you to select from in the drop down or you can select 'Add New Vendor'. 

Add comments, if necessary, to alert other Rabbet users in your organization of important notes. Click 'Save Changes'.

*Note that if you do not want a document to affect the 'Current Amount Requested' for the budget line item, be sure to check the box marked 'Do Not Apply to Draw'. 

Navigate between documents using the menu on the left side of the modal or the 'Previous' and 'Next' buttons in the top right corner.

When you are done reviewing the uploaded documents, all documents will have green links in the 'Status' column.

*Note that an icon in the 'Backup' column is indicating that the document is not directly impacting the 'Current Amount Requested' on the budget. i.e. lien waivers or backup to support an invoice.

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