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Customize and save the way that you view the various project data and document detail tables

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All of the core features in Rabbet capture some kind of data from your projects. Most of this data is displayed in a table format. Examples include the line items table and documents table within a draw, the organizations table, and the agreements table.

The sections below explain how to configure and display these tables in a way that is useful to you and your organization.

Create a Custom View

Whenever the table display can be customized for your needs, there will be a 'Table Actions' button at the top of the table. Click on the 'Table Actions' menu.

With the 'Customize Columns' option, you can:
a) Drag the Active columns by the dots to reorder the columns in the table
b) Click on the 'x' for an Active column to move it to the Inactive columns list
c) Click on the (+) for an Inactive column to move it to the Active columns list

Click 'Apply'

With the 'Group By' option, you can group the table by the various data points captured in the columns. This tool is especially useful when customizing your agreements and documents tables.

Saving a Custom Table View

To save this customized view, click on the 'Table Actions' drop down menu and select 'Save Current View...'.

Name the customized view, select your default settings and click 'Save'.

This newly-created, customized view now appears at the top of the table.

*Note that custom table views are visible only to the creator of the view unless selected as a public view.

Manage Public Views

To create a public view select the Public option after naming your custom view.

*To create a public view you must have the "Save and Manage Public Table Views" permission toggled 'ON' by your company admin.

Manage Custom Views

To remove/manage custom views, click on the 'Table Actions' drop down menu and select 'Manage Views...'

With the 'Manage Views' option, you can:
a) Drag the table view by the dots to reorder the views
b) Click on the 'x' to remove a saved table view
c) Drag the desired table view to the top to make that view appear initially

Click 'Save'

*Note that all Private Views will show up to the left of Public Views.

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