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Easily import documents directly into Rabbet through email

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Rabbet organizes all your project information, and now that includes emails. With Email to Rabbet, you and your vendors can now email important project documents directly to your project. Easily find and reference project correspondence right along with the rest of your most critical project information.

Both the email body and attached documents will be automatically filed, and Rabbet will start to structure document information for your review. Most importantly, everybody is kept in the loop with a confirmation email to the sender and a notification for the project owner. Save time, increase visibility, and simplify your workflows with Rabbet.

Preparing the Email

Begin by attaching all documents you would like to have brought into Rabbet into your email.

Next, copy + paste the Rabbet generated project email into the 'To' section within your email client. This auto-generated email address will be available within 'Project Settings' > 'Sharing'. Just copy and paste this email address into your email and send!

Email Notifications

If you would like for your team to be notified when documents are sent to your project via email, you can toggle ON/OFF individual users for them to receive an email confirmation. This can be especially helpful if you have 3rd party users uploading documents and would like to be notified when those are successfully added into your project.

To review all of Rabbet's email notification options, please refer to the below article:

Reviewing Emailed Documents/Information

Once you have received an email notification that documents have been emailed into Rabbet you can review those within 'Documents' > 'Email Import'

The subject line and body of your email will also be uploaded into Rabbet as a PDF, you can access and review this information within the document:

Splitting Uploads

After uploading documents into Rabbet you will have the option to split larger PDF document packages. Simply navigate into document settings, and click 'Split Upload'. From here you can select how you would like your package to be separated into individual documents:

If you have additional questions around document upload and splitting, please refer to the below article:

Bulk Moving Documents

Upon successful upload into Rabbet, your emailed documents will automatically be assigned as "Project Level Documents", meaning they do not exist within a specific draw and will not populate within the draw's current amount requested. You can bulk move your uploaded documents into their respective draws by selecting the documents you would like to move, and choosing the draw they will be moved into:

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