*Before assigning a project document to a draw, the draw must be created in Rabbet. Read this article to learn how to create a draw.

If you have:
a) shared a link with third parties to upload documents to your project or
b) uploaded documents to a project prior to creating a draw,
then follow the below instructions to assign the documents to a draw.

1. After selecting the project and landing on the 'Overview' tab, navigate to the 'Documents' tab. Once Rabbet has uploaded the file and extracted the relevant document information, you will be notified that there are uploads to review.

Click 'View Uploads'

2. Rabbet then opens a modal that allows you to review the page grouping, document type, and vendors that Rabbet automatically assigned when the document was uploaded. Note that your original document appears as an 'unconfirmed' upload on the left side of the modal. 

3. Scroll through the document in the viewer on the right side of the screen to confirm that Rabbet has correctly assigned the various documents that comprise the single PDF upload. Make adjustments to the page grouping, document type, and vendor as necessary. Here are several examples:

Change the page grouping - the Pay Application should be pages 1, 2, and 3 from the original PDF upload. Change the ending page for this document grouping from '2' to '3'. 

*Note how the remaining page groupings in the document update automatically when this change is made. You can always click 'Undo Changes' if needed. 

Change the document type - assign a different 'Document Type' from the drop down menu to that particular group of pages.

Change the vendor - assign a different 'Vendor' from the drop down menu to that particular group of pages. 

Click 'Add Vendor' if the applicable vendor does not appear in the drop down menu.

*Note that with each draw, Rabbet receives additional contextualized data making it smarter for subsequent draws, leading to less review time for you.

4. After the page groupings, document types, and vendors have been reviewed, and updated if necessary, click 'Save Changes'.

5. The document status can now be changed from 'unconfirmed' to 'confirmed' by clicking on the 'Confirm' button.

6. The upload now appears in the project-level 'Documents' tab as separate documents based on the page groupings assigned in the upload modal. Once the draw with which that document is associated has been created in your account, click anywhere on the document to assign it to the new draw.

7. Change the document assignment from the project level to the draw level. Click 'Save Changes'.

A modal will appear for you to confirm the document transfer.

*Note that changing the document from the project level to the draw level generates additional fields in the document review modal. At this point, you can complete the additional fields with the relevant draw value data. Click here to learn more about that process. 

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