*Before assigning a project document to a draw, the draw must be created in Rabbet. Read this article to learn how to create a draw.

If you have:
a) shared a link with third parties to upload documents to your project or
b) uploaded documents to a project prior to creating a draw,
then follow the below instructions to assign the documents to a draw.

1. After selecting the project and landing on the 'Overview' tab, navigate to the 'Documents' tab.

2. The top section of the 'Documents' tab displays all documents uploaded at the 'Project' level (i.e. not directly into a draw). Click anywhere on the document that needs to be assigned.

3. In the Review Document window, confirm that the document 'Type' is correct and then select the appropriate 'Draw' and click 'Submit'. 

4. You can now begin the document review process. Click here for the help guide to review documents in Rabbet if you are a lender and here if you are a borrower/developer.

Do you have questions or feedback? Please email us at help@rabbet.com

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