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Rabbet provides several formatting options for the Excel draw summary that the user can download and send to other parties

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A formatted version of the draw summary can be downloaded and shared as an Excel (.xlsx) file or included in the 'Package Draw' option when sending. This is different from the CSV download option available for most of the Rabbet data tables.

The format options below are downloaded from Rabbet in two ways: direct download and draw recipient download.

Editing your Draw Summary Template

To edit the Draw Summary Template that is received by the recipients of your draw package, navigate using the following: Project Settings > Project Details > Draw Summary Template.

Changing the 'Draw Summary Template' affects both the internal draw summary download and the draw summary that is downloaded by the recipient of a draw.

Draw Summary Format Options

Default - this is an industry standard budget and draw format used by most users.

Default (divisions only) - similar format to the basic default, but simplifies the report by only the total for each division (Fees & Interest, Soft Costs, Land Costs, Hard Costs).

Default (with extra draw columns) - similar format to the basic default, but includes additional columns (previous + current adjustments, original + current budget, % complete (gross), and inspection % complete)

Generic - This format is similar to the 'Default' template but simplifies the report by removing additional aesthetic formatting to produce an easy to read report for distribution.

JP Morgan - this format is made available given its significant industry use.

Default (with previous draw columns) - similar format to the basic default, but outlines each of the previous draws as a separate column.

Default (summary line items) - similar format to the basic default, but reports only on your summary line items chosen within the 'Budget" tab.

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