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Internal Comments and User Mentioning
Internal Comments and User Mentioning

Utilize internal comments available in several Rabbet features to facilitate collaboration with other users in your organization.

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Rabbet provides the ability to leave free-form comments at various points in your project. Note that these comments are "internal", meaning that only users from your Rabbet account can view the information. If you send the draw to another Rabbet user, those comments will not be visible to the draw recipient.

It is important to note that "internal" comments are visible to equity partners or other project consultants that directly access your project through a login provided by your organization's administrator.

Add Internal Comments in Rabbet

There are several places in Rabbet to add time-stamped internal comments that are visible to all of your collaborators on the project:

Internal comments on the draw line item - click on the line item within a draw budget to reveal the detail slideout. At the bottom of the slideout is a text box to type your comment. Users often leave comments about budget adjustments in this area.

Click 'Add Comment' to save your notes and create a time-stamped record.

Internal comments on documents - add comments to all types of documents to record important contextual and explanatory information.

Internal comments on automatic rules - when configured for the project, Rabbet automatically compares the data in your draw/project with rule parameters. On the draw 'Reviews' tab, you can leave comments associated with these rules when changing the rule status.

Mention a Person in your Comment

When collaborating with several people on your project, it is best to mention a specific user in your comment. Mentioning a user will populate a task in that person's to-do list so that they can quickly review and respond to the comment.

Type the "@" character immediately followed by (with no spaces) the user's name.

When that user next logs into Rabbet, the comment will appear in their 'TO-DOS' on the portfolio dashboard. They will also receive an email notification outlining the content of your note.

You can click on the comment in your 'TO-DOS' list to navigate directly to the location where the comment was added. You can also dismiss the comment if it is simply informative.

Review Aggregated Internal Comments

Navigate to the 'Reviews' tab within the draw to view an aggregated list of all internal comments added to various places within the draw.

Click on the comment title to navigate to the original location where the comment was added. Users find this list to be a convenient place to quickly access and respond to comments left by your project collaborators.

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