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Third Party Access to Rabbet
Third Party Access to Rabbet

Need to invite a third party to access your project on Rabbet? This will come in handy for Equity Partners, Consultants, Inspectors & more.

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First you need to ask the question: do I want this person to have real-time access to my project, or would I prefer to send them snapshots one at a time? If you want to follow the more traditional draw submission process, there's no need to add anyone to your Rabbet account. You can simply follow these steps to Submit a Draw. For folks who need to have real-time access to your projects follow the best practices outlined below. 

In the likely scenario you want someone to have view-only access to a specific project (or set of projects), use the below configuration when adding them to your account. 

For help on receiving a third party access invitation for an existing Rabbet user, see the article Receiving Multi-Org Invitations as a Current User.

In addition to managing user access and permissions through the 'Admin' page for each user in your organization, you can also manage user access and permissions on a specific project to see the full scope of who has access to any given project.

Navigate to the 'Project Settings' tab and open the 'User Access' section.

Select the access level you'd like for each user in your organization for this project. Note that there may be any number of Document Reviewers and Draw Reviewers on any given project, but there may be only one Signatory per project.

Click 'Save Changes'.

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