Rabbet's features provide flexibility to users when reviewing automated rules and manual checks. 

  • A rule's status can be toggled between 'Complete', 'Pending' and 'Ignored'
  • Comments can be added to rules for more context
  • Rule status 'History' can be viewed inside the rule

1. From the project 'Overview' tab, open the draw.

2. During project set up, you enabled automated rules for Rabbet to run on draw packages and created a set of manual checks to be completed during draw review (click here to learn about those rules).

To view the results of the rules, navigate to the 'Reviews' tab within the draw

3. If the content of a draw package meets the rule's requirements, the system will mark the status as 'Passed (Auto)'. If draw content does not yet pass the rule, the status will display as 'Pending (Auto)'. See item 6 below to learn how to view the status 'History'.

*Note that the '(Auto)' designation in the status indicates the result of the system check

Comments made by your organization's users on documents, line items and reallocations within the draw will be aggregated in the 'Internal Comments' section on the 'Reviews' tab. 

4. To change the status of a rule, click the status in the drop down list

5. If 'Ignored' is selected, Rabbet will provide the option to leave a comment. Click 'Ignore' to save the comment and change the status. A rule can be moved in and out of the 'Ignored' state as necessary.

*Note that changing an Automatic Rule status to 'Ignored' will add a 'Manual' designation to that rule to indicate that the rule has been manually changed.

6. To view the rule status 'History', click the rule name.

Inside the rule

7. Any comments submitted within a rule review will also display in the 'Internal Comments' section on the 'Reviews' tab.

8. If the project was created to include reviewers and/or a signatory, the draw 'Reviews' tab will outline these additional steps. Click 'Edit Reviewers' or navigate to the 'Project Settings' tab to update these features.

All reviewers for the project draws can document their review with the 'Approve Draw' button. The status of the reviewer(s) is outlined on the 'Reviews' tab.

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