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Submitting Inspection Reports
Submitting Inspection Reports

You don't need to be a Rabbet user to receive and submit a Rabbet Inspection Report

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Inspector Workflow Video Tutorial

Once an inspection request is sent from a Rabbet user, an email notification will appear in your inbox like the one below that includes the company, project, and draw associated with the inspection request, along with any notes that were included.

A link to the inspection form will allow you to fill out the necessary information for the inspection, save your work and return to it later via the same link, and submit a completed inspection report to the draw reviewer. A Rabbet login is not required to use this link or submit reports in Rabbet.

Fill out the relevant fields on this form, navigating through the page tabs listed across the top of the form. You may also view other pending inspections or download the draw package to view the documents included in this request.

Click 'Save' to keep the work you've completed in the form, and return to your saved form through the same link provided in the initial email. Note that clicking 'Save' allows for the Rabbet user to also view any work that has been completed thus far in the Inspection Report.

Filling Out the Report

Fill out the relevant fields in the 'Details' and 'Questionnaire' tabs, and enter the percent complete on each relevant line item under the 'Schedule of Values' tab:

If there are any change orders that were included in this request, they will be under the 'Change Order' tab. There, you will be able to download/view the change order documents and log any comments.

Note that any comments left on the change order documents will be also logged in the documents for the Rabbet user.

You may also upload any relevant image files under the 'Images' tab and add any comments. Any images that are added in this inspection report will also automatically be added to the draw's documents along with any comments that were logged.

Note that you will likely want to compress any large image files down to a manageable file size for the recipients of the report.

Finally, once the inspection report is complete, be sure to 'Save' your work in this form. After the work has been saved, click the 'Submit Inspection' button. This will immediately trigger an email notification to the Rabbet project approvers that the inspection report is complete and has been submitted for review.


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