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Edit Project-Level Budget
Edit Project-Level Budget

Making edits to your original project budget, adding line items, and changing amounts is easily done in the project's 'Budget' tab

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This article explains how you can make the following changes to any project budget:

  • Change original budget line item names or original budget amounts

  • Move or re-order existing line items within your original budget

  • Add or delete line items and divisions in the original budget

Note: Making project-level budget edits is not the same as making budget adjustments or re-allocations within a draw. For more information on making budget adjustments, see this article in our Help Library.

'Edit Budget' Permissions

In order to edit your budget, your account and user permissions for editing your project budget must be turned on. You will know if this permission is turned on by navigating to the Budget tab in you project and finding an 'Edit Original Budget' button above your budget table.

If you do not see this button under you Budget tab, contact your account admin to turn on permissions for this action or email to request this permission be turned on for your account.

Budget Slide Out

You can view budget specifics by simply clicking on the desired line item. Here you can view and navigate to associated documents, agreements, and budget adjustments.

Editing Your Budget

To make any of the above-mentioned edits to your budget, click the 'Edit Original Budget' button above your budget table. This will reveal all of the editable fields on your budget, and allow you to arrow up/down any line item or division to move it, or delete any line item in the table. You may also add budget divisions and line items.

It is important to note that you may not delete a line item in your original budget if there has been any draws on that line item in your project.

Be sure to 'Save' when finished editing your budget.

Check Your Funding Sources

If your budget edits have increased or decreased your overall project budget total, you will need to make adjustments to your project funding sources that account for the change in budget. A warning header will appear alerting you to the over/under-funded amount and will provide you a link to change your funding source settings on your project.

For more information on managing project funding sources, see this article in our Help Library:

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