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Actuals and Budget Updates for Projections
Actuals and Budget Updates for Projections

Learn how spent amounts and budget changes affect Projections

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Actuals and Updated Projections

As draws are created in Rabbet, a new line will appear on the graph. This new 'Projection' line is calculated using the actual costs outlined in the draws and re-calculated projection amounts.

In other words, the 'Actuals' become part of the projection for past months and the future months are an 'Updated Projection' based on the balance remaining and projection parameters.

The placement of 'Actuals' within a given month in the projections tool is based on the 'Submission Date'. Select 'Update Draw' from the [...] dropdown in the draw to change that date.

Click 'Update Projection' to replace the 'Original Projection' line and amounts. The line and amounts that were previously designated as the 'Updated Projection' now become the only projection.

Taking this action will result in a single projection line and one set of projection figures. Click 'Save'.

How Budget Changes Affect Projections

There are several forms of budget changes in Rabbet:

All of these will affect the projection that you have created. Whenever one of these changes occurs in the application, you will encounter a warning.

A new 'Projection' line and 'Updated Projection' amounts will appear in the projections tool when a budget change has been made.

Additionally, a new 'Previous Budget' column appears on the table. The amounts in the 'Previous Budget' reflect the budget at the time of the last saved projection.

Click 'Update Projection' to replace the existing 'Original Projection' amounts with the 'Updated Projection' amounts that include the budget changes. Clicking 'Update Projection' will replace both the line items and funding sources projections.

Note that adding a new line item will require you to make the 'Curve Type', 'Start Month', and 'Duration' selections for that new line.

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