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Managing Inspection Workflows
Managing Inspection Workflows

Send external inspection requests and process inspections all within Rabbet's Inspection workflow tab

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Rabbet's Inspection tab provides you the ability to send inspection requests externally and manage inspection reporting all within your draw. This article will walk through the various features and functionality of the Inspection workflow as well as best practices on managing inspections in Rabbet.

If you do not see the Inspection tab in your account or you would like more information on gaining access to this feature, email Partner Success at

Send an Inspection Request

Within a draw, navigate to the Inspection tab to begin the inspection workflow. You will have the option to either 'Send an inspection report' to an inspector externally from Rabbet or 'Fill out an inspection request' yourself within your draw.

For the purposes of this article, we will follow the workflow of sending an inspection request to an external inspector. Filling out an inspection request within your draw is the exact same process, however it removes the step of sending and having an external party fill out the request.

Fill out the name and email of the recipient of the inspection request, and include any notes or comments you'd like to include in the request. You may also select any current draw documents to include as attachments to your inspection request, such as change orders or pay applications.

If you have set up custom Questionnaire form fields, make sure you have selected the desired questions/fields you want to be included in this request by navigating to Project Settings > Inspection Questionnaire Configuration.

If you would like to set up a custom Questionnaire to be included in your inspection requests or aren't sure if you have this capability, email for assistance.

Finish filling out your request and click 'Send Inspection Request,' and an email with the information you included will be sent to the inspector.

After sending the inspection request, the Inspection Report workflow will show as 'In Progress' along with the recipient's email under the Inspection tab, and the information fields in the report will update as the recipient enters and saves information.

For more information on the inspector's experience and workflow upon receiving the inspection request, see this article with a video tutorial and feel free to share with your inspector if guidance is needed:

Once the inspector submits the inspection report you will receive an email notification to the Rabbet project approvers that the inspection report is complete and has been submitted for review.

Receive Submitted Reports

From the email notification, you may click the 'View Inspection Report' button which will bring you to the draw Inspection tab.

Note that any images added by the inspector will now appear under the Documents tab as a 'Site Image' and any comments added to change orders will appear in your change order document review modal.

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